Choosing Art That Exemplifies Spaces In Your House

One of the biggest questions that baffle first-time art buyers is, “How do I choose the right piece for my home?” There are actually a few rules or guidelines that you can follow to ensure that you choose the right artwork for a specific space. Artwork is a great way to let your personality shine through home decor. It ties different elements in place together and lends it character...Read more

Distinguishing Fine Art Photography from Regular Photography

People are often confused about what constitutes fine art photography. We’ll admit it. The lines between fine art photography and your regular everyday photography can often be blurry. Standard photography, which is like photojournalism, is more like a visual report that seeks to simply record the particular scene without using any manipulation. Regular photography is created when a photographer picks up his or her camera to document a particular happening and capture moments and memories, which does not have any artistic motivation behind it..Read more

How to Find the Perfect Frame for Your Art Piece

When picking out a frame for a piece of art work that you own, it is natural to start by considering the decor or theme of your home. However, according to experts, that is one of the biggest mistakes art owners make, which is, choosing a frame that matches their home rather than one that complements the art.This means that if your decor style changes, your art will not fit in anymore. Read More 

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