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We are here go help you find Canvased Art for your home or business. We are also here to help you Upload your own photos or art that you wish to place on Canvas  It will be a full serve, choose your Canvas your way and have it sent to your home right from the print shop. Here is the deall


Canvas choices

We offer two high quality canvases:

Polyvinyl canvas  is used for our photographic art. It has a smoother finish because the weave is much finer andi it is durable, archived to last 99 years withourt fading. It is waterproof as well so it can be displayed in a lanai or covered patios in the summer.

Cotton is for those who love the traditional  aspects of the purity of fine art. Cotton is great for oil and acrylic media having much rougher surface and the weave is more noticable.


Choices of Stretching

We ship your art rolled for you to stretch  so you save on shipping costs and price of the canvas.

Standard canvas thickness is 2cm (3/4 inch) gallery wrap frames. These are good for placing in floating or other type of framing around the canvas, The 4cm (1.5 inches) wrap lets you place it on your walls  without framing.Your local art supply store is the best place to have your art stretched to a frame.  

tdstudios Uploading Your Art

Upload your art to us and you can have your own special memories in your home. We can enchance your photographic images, send you a proof for approval and then send it for printing and ship it to you There is more about this on the uploading page on our site Click Here


  Final Protective Finish

Your canvas has a satin finish that protects the canvas from UV light that fades the art, giving you richer and more vibrant colours .


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More Gallery Fine Art 

Besides our art we will be adding fine oil and acrylic canvases and of course, more photography from other fine artists. We are not an "island to ourselves" and will bring choices that we think are of fine quality to fit with our site.

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