Privacy Policy

 All personal information such as emails.telephone numbers, credit card information and addresses are not to be shared or sold to a third party. All personal information is not to be used for spamming or advertising . Communication with cliental may be used from time to time for special events or offers with the opportunity for unsubscribing to such communication,

All images uploaded are the personal property and sole ownership of the client. Such images will be held on file for quality assurance and kept for 60 days which at that time the images will be removed from our system unless requested by our clients. The images are not to be sold or used by our company for any purpose unless requested by the owner. All images will be considered as copyrighted and not to be duplicated for any purpose. Information or requests by a third party to acquire personal information or accsess or give direction of use of images will be refused and all direction for use of images can only come from the original client. At times certain images will be rejected for processing if they break the laws of our government or are considered unacceptable at our own discretion. 

We respect your privacy and promise to keep the above statement to the best of our ability. We have virus protection  to ensure that no harm will come to our cliental's devices used to communicate with our company to the best of our ability.

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